Go to Essaouira, Morocco.

Walk along the beach until you see the camels.  Ride one of them.


Explore the forts along the coast.  Touch the giant cannons.

Then stroll through the stone Medina, a UNESCO World Heritage site.  See the wood carvings, the hanging woven fabrics of every color, the faience pottery.  Find a corner and write.

Watch the cats try to eat the chunks of meat hanging in the markets.  Find street food.  Buy spices.

Stay until it’s dark and everything is filled with dim, gold lights and sharp shadows.

Roam with your journal handy, so you can sit down anywhere against the white stone and picture this place being built in prehistoric times, then see it in 100 years or 200.  Do you think it will last?  Do you see the cracks—the places where it will change?


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