In Bali, there are major temples, village temples, and family temples.

The above photo is a picture of a family temple built between the trunks of a banyan tree.  (As an adventurous aside, go and see if you can find this roadside temple in the village of Amed.)

Sit somewhere where things around you won’t be too distracting.

Close your eyes.

Whatever your beliefs are, everyone could benefit from the practice of constructing a personal temple.  (It doesn’t have to be built in reality, of course.)

Try building your own temple within your mind.

Imagine the things you love, the objects or people or entities that you adore.

What does your inner temple look like?

Is it built around a tree like this one?

Is it floating on water?  Or on a beach?

Is it in the middle of a desert?

Or inside cyberspace?

Build a temple for yourself in your mind, for a time in the future where you might need that space to think, to dream, to write.

Keep going back to it.

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