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A small press publisher for poetry, cross-genre, fiction, and creative non-fiction inspired by wandering, other cultures, and self reflection.

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Kristen Ringman, Editor

I want to be brave

for me, for you—kneel in the

dark for the bold shoes.

~Jenny Douglas

An anthology of modern “everyday” haiku by thirty-three brave writers who spent all of 2014 writing one haiku a day and sharing them in an online group called The Haiku Room.


Gillian Barlow * Frances Benson * Liz Boquet * Nance Broderzen * Mandy Brown * Esther Cohen * Deb Cook * Jennifer Cool * Teri Crane * Jenny Douglas * Jill Martindale Farrar * Pete Follansbee * Nicole Galland * Erika Hansen * Pam Helberg * Rebecca Lovering Johnson * Lisa Lutwyche * Dori McCraw * Eve Moore * Carrie Nassif * Jennifer Newsome * Mil Norman-Risch * Mary Pecaut * Marsha Pincus * Tania Pryputniewicz * Jocelyn Rasmussen * Kristen Ringman * Lisa Rizzo * Jennifer Steil * Lisa Sukenic * Ruth Thompson * Sean Tribe * Ellen Tumavicus

$10 (plus $3.99 shipping and handling)

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And stay tuned, the ebook version is forthcoming!

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