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Kristen Ringman is a deaf writer, traveler, and artist.

She has traveled alone and lived in India multiple times throughout her 20’s, worked for the Peace Corps Deaf Education Program in Kenya, and lived along the west coast of Ireland for nearly two years.  She’s also traveled alone to Iceland, the Netherlands, Morocco, Austria, Italy, Sweden, New Zealand, and England.  She’s traveled in groups or with friends to Canada, France, Germany, Guatemala, Mexico, Thailand, Cambodia, and Bali.

Kristen is the author of I Stole You: stories from the fae (Handtype Press, 2017), Makara: a novel (Handtype Press, 2012), a Lambda Literary finalist in Debut Fiction and nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and the editor of Everyday Haiku: an anthology (Wandering Muse Press, 2017). She received her MFA from Goddard College in 2008. She’s currently working on her first poetry collection and multi-cultural literary fiction novels that play along the boundaries of magical realism, fantasy, and horror. Her work can be found in Callisto: A Queer Fiction Journal, QDA: A Queer Disabiity Anthology, and many other anthologies.

 Read more about Kristen here: http://kristenringman.com.

(Above photo credit: Adam M. Wilson)

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