ao nang beach

If you wander over to Ao Nang Beach, in southern Thailand, walk past the longtail boats boasting trips to Railay Beach, walk south-east along the beach (or LEFT down the beach itself from street 4203, and its chaotic line of shops and restaurants and hotels).

Walk until you reach the end of the sand and before you is a giant cliff, a river, and a trail going into the trees on the other side of it.  There is a small temple here that is guarded by an extended family of monkeys.

ao nang beach

Monkeys have over 90% of the same DNA as humans.  This is a perfect place to watch them nurse their young, steal things from tourists, take baths in the river, and socialize with each other and the dozens of humans that take picture after picture of them, and feed them, and then complain that the monkeys want more food, more things, and can sometimes be rough.

Do not forget that monkeys are wild animals.  They don’t quite understand what’s going on with all the cameras—or do they?

What you do think about monkeys?

Write that down.

What do you think they feel?  Can you understand their way of communicating with each other?  Can you sympathize with them, or do they feel alien to you?

Observe the monkeys here.  Observe the people, too.

Write something from the point of view of one of the monkeys.  A poem.  A story.  An essay.  A play.  Write anything, as long as you write for at least ten minutes.

Did your writing change anything for you?

How do you see the monkeys now?

How do you see yourself?

ao nang monkeys

2 thoughts on “ao nang beach

  1. well I’m not a writer, more of a commedian writer, and it made me smile, and let me drift
    into a vacation state of mind, which is typical for a retiree who despite his education
    aka engineer,, has the ability to look introspectfully into himself at times and think
    about the bigger picture of life and its meaning……………… now off to the library…….


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