Go inside the smallest room/closet/tent/under the stairs type space that you have within your current home.

Curl yourself up as tightly as you can.

Pretend you are hiding from someone (or everyone).

Pretend you are a character in a story.

Who are you?

Are you afraid?  Are you angry?  Are you desperate?

Do you love closed in spaces or do you hate them?  (Tip: if you feel one way very strongly, then try pretending you feel the opposite.)

Let the darkness, the cramped space, the smell of wherever you are tell you a story.  Feel the dark as if it has fingers reaching for you, pulling at your arms, your legs, your heartstrings.

Stay there as long as you can while your imagination runs wild.

Then, step back out into the world, sit down, and write.

(Optional variation: bring a flashlight, a pen, and a notebook into the dark, closed in space itself, and write there for as long as you can.)



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